Certificate of Endorsement – Neurodiversity and Inclusive Practice – E-Learning

certificate of endorsent nd centre

Our Certificate of Endorsement – Neurodiversity and Inclusive Practice is now available for the following industries:
Travel & Tourism
Hospitality & Services COMING IN 2022
Healthcare COMING IN 2022


An industry-specific E-Learning course where participants will explore neurodiversity and how to identify and interact with neurodiverse customers and clients to create better outcomes, boost their customer base and break down barriers for individuals and their families.

Participants enroll in the industry course they wish to complete and are required to work through a workbook and complete an assessment that includes a series of tasks and questions with the aim of gaining a satisfactory mark. The estimated completion time for the course is approximately 6- 8 hours and requires nothing more than a computer, printer, and internet and the desire to open your mind to developing and implementing inclusive practices in your own business model.

E-Learning courses are tailored to our four key industries and offer participants an opportunity to:

  • overview of neurodiversity and inclusive practice.
  • learn how to respond to individuals with autism.
  • work with families of children with autism.
  • understand the individual’s perspective of your business.
  • understand the parent’s perspective of your business.
  • respond to customer needs and create an action plan.
  • develop inclusive policies and procedures.
  • receive a printed NDCAU Certificate of Endorsement for the business and relevant staff.
  • be listed for two years on our online platform of NDCAU Inclusive Partners - Endorsed.
  • study as an individual at one of NDCAU hosted events or onsite as part of a workplace group.

Please note: this certificate includes the E-Learning Certificate of Completion- Neurodiversity and Inclusive Practice as part of the course work.